Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Concrete emergencies can leave buildings, roads and passages in severe jeopardy of the integrity of the structure, along with the safety of those who dwell inside and around it. Hyper X Super-crete is available to State, County and Municipal Departments of Transportation for utilization in emergency repair of concrete on critical infrastructures. Critical infrastructures include bridges, culverts, concrete highways, dam repair and retaining walls.




Our concrete is unlike any other concrete solution on the market. Our HyperX Supercrete solution is used in emergency bridge repair and retaining walls, barriers, and any other horizontal or vertical concrete repair.

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  • Our responsive team delivers on-time results without ever compromising the quality your concrete structure needs.
  • Our invaluable experience and knowledge allows our team of experts to diagnose the critical issue and find the most effective solution that fits your budget and provides superior results.
  • Our wide range of services will help find the right solution for your concrete structural emergency.

You can’t stop the unexpected, but you can have solutions ready for when the time comes! Do you need emergency services?