Why HyperX Supercrete Systems

HyperX Supercrete is a one component, rapid-setting, high early and strength patching material designed for repairing vertical and horizontal concrete and masonry structures. We use industry-leading materials and products to create the highest performing concrete bonding for your structure. Our team is dedicated to providing efficient and superior methods to aid in the structural integrity of your project.

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Services We Offer

Emergency Services

When the unexpected happens to your home or business, waiting a few days for a repair sometimes isn’t an option. Rather than having to wait until it’s safe to continue living inside your home or risk your business shutting down, you should contact HyperX Supercrete Systems. Our team of professionals offers high-quality materials to handle your emergency.

Concrete Repair

Concrete may be some of the toughest material, but there is still a risk for your concrete to crack or crumble due to moisture or temperature. Our material experts are able to provide industry-leading materials for concrete repair to your home or business.

Safety Sheet

Our process is designed only as guidance for safe handling, use, processing, storage, transportation, disposal and release of our product. HyperX Supercrete Systems solutions are permanent bonding compounds that are used to create secure results for your project.

General Information

After years of research and experience, HyperX Supercrete Systems has developed a product that offers full range structural installation and repair solutions. Learn more about how our product can benefit your project to provide a safer and more durable structure.